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I love the way the colourful glass chips in Kaleidascopes come together in fascinating formations. The glass chips symbolise various facets of our lives, our experiences, the people around us, and our environments affect the way we view our worlds, and in turn, how our world views us. We may not like all the colours we see in the kaleidascopes, but the colours we dislike and the ones we do, come together in an interesting blend to create the intricate and pretty floral arrangements.

This Kaleidascope is my online notebook, where I share my thoughts and opinions, and perhaps solutions and online resources I come across while exploring my world or during my project research.

About Ivy Clark

I have been floating in the web for the past 10 years. My humble start as a pure art student which led to interests in Computer Studies and Commerce has blessed me with the flexibility and benefits of doing what I am passionate about.

Over the last 14 years, I had the opportunity to play different roles and gain experience in Sales and Marketing, Instructional Design, Information Architecture, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design and Development.  My array of work experience gave me opportunities to learn about Customer Relationship Management, Brand Management, User Interface Design and Project Management.

While in Singapore, I had the opportunity of working as an Web Application Team Lead with Aviva‘s Asia Pacific Regional I.T. Group.  One of my goals there was to create more awareness of our regional presence and establish a cohesive digital strategy which worked for our country business units in the region. You can find out more about what I achieved there via Linkedin.

Now, I am based in Perth, Australia; and I work with a fantastic team of amazing talents at; and we are changing the way people see the world – starting from Perth, Australia.  Our coverage is not global yet, but give us some time and we’ll get to where you are too.

You’ll find me either in my office or at some Web Industry gathering here. Perhaps I’ll see you at a AWIA or Port80, UX bookclub or meetup sometime.  Otherwise, you can reach me through the following means:


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    im having some problem in downloading and installing skype to my laptop which runs through vista. can you help me?

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