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I started typing out my answers to this question “What makes designers frustrated” at the IxDA forum and decided to put my random thoughts here as well.  Many of you will be familiar with the scenarios here.

It’s frustrating if you hear…

  1. “It doesn’t have to look good – that’s not important. Just make it work.” when how it looks will affect site usability.
  2. “The logo needs to be bigger. No, bigger than that. No, bigger.”
  3. “We’re a small company, can you charge us less? Perhaps you’d like your name at the footer for that?” when it’s not really a small company.
  4. “Use your creativity and come up with something” when there’s no brief, no design objective, no direction whatsoever. (This is usually followed by…5, or 6 in this list)
  5. “We like this from version A, this from version B, and that from version C”. Come up with another version which combines them.”
  6. “The background should be like this… and the logo should be here… and the banner should be here… and…”
  7. “No, the ‘sign up’ and ‘buy now’ buttons are too big. They should be smaller than our logo. Nothing should be bigger than the logo on the page.”
  8. “Can we add a scrollbar here, and here, and there.”
  9. “We’re looking for a suitable agency. But first, you’ll have to pitch  for the project with your concepts.” and they are not paying for the concepts.
  10. “Have you finished the design yet?” this morning, when the brief was only yesterday night.

I’m sure you have more to add. We can choose to laugh or cry at these situations, but we should always come out a little wiser and tougher.


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