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Looking for a good photo-album / photobook tool

Yea, I’m at it again. I’ve been rather slack in finishing that Chiang Mai scrapbook but I’m very pleased to say I have made some progress last weekend. I got stuck at page 5 since February last year and managed to complete the layout for page 12 last Sunday! Yay! At last.

I have not mentioned this before – I’ve been using InDesign for the layout, as I found the master pages (template) design approach very useful. I started by coming up with several possible backgrounds and layouts, and have since been ‘applying’ these master pages of my choice to the new pages as I go along. It’s really neat, since it is fully customisable; and I do not end up with 20 different files for 20 pages, like I would if I used photoshop.

Also, the elements and adornments, as well as the photos I use in the album are ‘linked’ to the Indesign file, so I can enhance/edit them individually if I want, and the changes will be updated in the Indesign version automatically.

But I have also recently, been on the hunt for a good photobook tool, as my current approach seems to take far too long. I think it’s my fault, really – as I either spend far too much time finetuning the layout, or leave it untouched for too long.

To date, I’ve been recommended in one way or another to the following photo album and/or photo book providers, to which I’ll add notes on as I go along:

I did a quick search and there is really a lot of other options out there. If you have found any which you think are good, feel free to drop me a note too; and we can swap ideas.