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I truely digg the effort that has been put into this! This is to-date the most comprehensive web analytics provider list. If you are looking for some information regarding web analytics, this is a good place to start. The list gives an overview of what’s out there, but there is little offering of details, although if you are really keen to learn more about the provider, you can visit their web sites directly. A drilldown into each provider offers a chance to vote and give a review of the tool, but not too many people have given their insights.

Clickz also has a small list but it has not been updated for a while now. Here it is for what its worth: the Clickz Web Analytics list

As in any vendor / solution selection, you need to pin-point the business needs and the system requirements before shortlisting and making your final buy or outsource decision. Avinash Kaushik has an article in his blog which highlights the importance of self-reflection in the selection process. In this article, he also lists several other useful references in relation to the selection process. If you are embarking on an analytics selection or evaluation exercise, perhaps his writeups will help.

I can’t agree with Avinash more about how difficult it can be to get a list of requirements together.  In the last month, I have collated our existing statistical reports, as well as signed up for Google Analytics to help give the business a better idea of what they can expect from 1) a tool we already own and 2) a basic analytic tool 3) our vendor’s clickstream analysis reports.  Analytics is not something people (I.T. and business folks inclusive) fully comprehend.  It’s a bit of a mystery to me still too.  So, hopefully, the study will provide a baseline from which we can make more intelligent decisions on what is available and what can be helpful but is lacking.

Wish me luck!


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