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Suddenly remembered an article from Techrepublic which I read a couple of months ago on the above topic.  Definitely something beginners and seasoned web designers need to remember:

  • Failing to provide information that describes your web site
  • Skipping Alt and Title tags
  • Changing URLs for archived pages
  • Not dating your content
  • Creating busy, crowded pages
  • Going overboard with images
  • Implementing link indirection, interception or redirection
  • Making new content difficult to recognise or find
  • Displaying thumbnailsthat are too small to be helpful
  • Forgoing web page titles

You can read this article at: Techrepublic, which is based on another article also available at Techrepublic (10 ways to improve the design of your commercial web site).

In addition, should also be avoided:

  • Using more than 4 font types in 1 page
  • Having more than 5 animated banners
  • Pure flash sites
  • Presenting content only in images
  • Using high resolution images and videos that require long download time.
  • fixing your font size by px, rendering the browser resize option useless

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