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Yay, I’m so excited.  I recently found out one of the freelancers I work with is quite “universal accessibility” savvy!  Her name is Divya.  This is a good sign for me as it means there is slowly, but surely, more an more emphasis placed on web usability in Singapore.  Having pushed for it over the past 3 years but not making much progress has been quite depressing.  So now, I have found new inspiration to rekindle my enthusiasm.

Up to now, there is little emphasis on web accessibiltiy in Singapore.  Most sites are still designed and built around tables.  And some done by traditional agencies are in fact neither accessible via non-graphic enabled browsers no are they searchable, as they are basically htmls with a single image plastered within the pages.  Although they look nice, they take ages to load and do not offer search engines any information pertaining to the sites.  This makes the sites simply a waste of time, money and effort.  But this is what you get, if you get the wrong folks to do the task for you.

It would have been good if they were professional about it and turned the job down or leave it to the rest of us who know what we are doing.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  They get away with it as customers don’t verify the codes and will not find out until it’s too late.  The result? Sites with fantastic creatives that offer nothing else.


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