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The setting changes didn’t help, so Nithi has helped to put in the min and max java heap size setting in Coldfusion to 512 and 756.  This seems to have helped stabilise the high CPU hogging by jrun from a constant of 98%-100% to 80%-90%.  However, we feel the cpu utilisation shouldn’t be so high.

To get the version and vendor information from the JRE on our server, we used this link:

Java Version 1.5.0_12 from Sun Microsystems Inc.

Then, from a reference table on the same page, the site informs that our version is the latest version as of Dec 2005!

Next, we looked at the system error logs to see if there’s anything else we can find.  Lots of exceptions and it seems the warnings and exceptions have been there since a long time ago.  To me, its and indication that we need to look into this, but this may not be our immediate concern.

Mark Kruger ( suggests that log file size could contribute to system slow performance.  He suggests that attributes in jrun.xml can be used to rotate the log files more efficiently, preventing them from getting too big:

<service class="jrunx.logger.LoggerService" name="LoggerService">
<attribute name="filename">{jrun.rootdir}/logs/{}-event.log</attribute>

Can be changed to:

<attribute name="filename">{jrun.rootdir}/logs/{}-{log.level}.log</attribute>

Only problem is… it doesn’t work for the -err file.



Comments on: "Still having jrun error…" (2)

  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Hi Maximus, thanks for your note.

    You can find an update of the jrun error investigation at


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