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I watched a really amazing documentary called ‘The Journey Of Man” over the weekend, and can’t get the idea that we all actually related out of my head!

The documentary is hosted by Spencer Wells, a geneticist who has concluded that all humans today are descended from a single man who lived in Africa about 60,000 years ago.

The documentary follows the journey this African ‘s descendents, who made their journey out of Arica, and eventually populated the rest of the world! Amazing stuff! It’s all based on DNA foot prints, called ‘markers’, that prove parent-children relationships. 

I think it’s really cool to figure something like this out, and to me, it means that we should stop all that fighting and come to terms that we have to live with each other in harmony.

We’re all living on the same planet, and need to think bigger than just base all we do on our nationalities and race.

I highly recommend this documentary from National Geographic Channel. Catch it if you can!


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