Inspirations, captions, ideas and notes.

Another Monday

Here we are again, another Monday.  As I begin another week, I ask myself once more, “What’s the meaning of it all?”.  Someone once assured me, “It doesn’t need to mean anything, as long as you enjoy what you do… and are happy with what you have…”, but I still ask myself sometimes, “why?” and “what for?”.

Perhaps putting my thoughts and feelings down will help me make some sense of all the nonsense and confusion that exists in the world we live in today. 

Life is a journey… a complex one.  Perhaps, if you happen to be travelling on the same path as I am or have done, that my thoughts can help you make the right choices in your life. Come look through my kaleidascope. Share your thoughts with me as well, so I can catch a glimpse of your colourful world too.


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