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Whether you are a seasoned project manager, new to project management or are considering taking up a project management role, I think you’ll find “A Project Management Primer”, by Nick Jenkins, an interesting read.

The first thing that caught my attention was the monkey joke.  Go check it out and let me know if it sounds familiar to you.  It definitely sounded familiar to me, and I had a good laugh recalling the many project managers that we’ve moaned and bitched about before. I hasten to add though, that none of us are born project managers, so chances are we won’t get it 100% right.  Afterall, life is a journey and we are all learning as we go along. What’s important is that we pick up the right skills and tools to help us as we move forward.  I hope you’ll find this article and refreshing read to help you warm up your project management skills and get it 100% right. Enjoy!  If you have any other interesting articles about project management, do share them with me as well!


Comments on: "“A Project Management Primer”, by Nick Jenkins" (3)

  1. martha dibblee said:

    I downloaded your whitepaper “A Project Management Primer, which has very good information but on page 12-43 under “A Decent Proposal” 3rd paragraph you have a grammar error/misplaced words & on pg 13-43 you have misspelled “license”. This one of my pet peeves with younger writers. Conceptually the paper’s good, but marred by grammar & spelling errors it would rate only a C- in my class.

  2. Ralph Clark said:

    Martha, in proper English the noun is spelled “licence” ‘c’ and the verb is spelled “license” with an ‘s’. I imagine you must be a speaker of US English. Nick isn’t.

    In any event criticizing this paper on the basis of a few spelling or grammar mistakes is like an Art professor saying that Michelangelo’s David is rubbish because the head is too big or da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” is crap because the perspective is a bit off.

    I think Nick’s paper is superbly clear and concise, and we’re lucky he released it under the creative commons licence.

  3. Martha, thanks for your comment. But I agree with Ralph. And it is a good thing Nick didn’t attend your class!

    By the way, your comment is missing some punctuation marks:
    – there should be a comma after “I downloaded your whitepaper”, before you mention the paper title because the title is a pronoun and provides more detail about the noun “whitepaper”.
    – “A Project Management Primer……” is missing a close double quotation mark.
    – also there should be a comma after “good information” before you carry on to present a point which contrasts or is negative compared to your earlier statement.

    Looks like you would have only been a ‘C’ student in my English teacher’s class. Just kidding!

    Come on, let us not pick on each other’s grammer. Languages are evolving everyday. You understood the what he wrote didn’t you? That is all that matters. I’m so tired of this constant struggle between British English and US English, and hey, I don’t really care.

    Nick’s paper presents more than conceptual information. He provides very practical tips that can be applied to all project.

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