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John and I were recently invited to presentation titled “The Da Vinci code examined” in a church. I have to say, Matthew (the speaker) brought up some very valid points, although I at the same time feel that are some parallels and truths to what Dan Brown’s story was about.

The presentation debunked Dan’s book on the following:

1) Jesus was not married
2) The validity of claims that there are more than 4 gospels
3) the belief in Jesus’ divinity was not because of a vote in the council of Nicea
4) Leonardo would never have painted a last super scene and replaced one of the 12 apostles with a woman.

Matthew presented lots of dates, a video about the Priory of Sion, and showed us paintings from other artists that portrayed St John. And I do believe that he’s done a good job in picking at what’s amiss in Dan’s book.

However, Dan’s book aside, I still have my queries:

1) is the bible we use today really as complete as we believe?
2) how accurate are our translations, copies, and intepretations of what the folks in the old days were trying to say?

I think Dan did a good job putting together bits and pieces of theories from many sources, into an easy and exciting read. I used to read stuff like Fingerprints Of the Gods, Genesis Re-visited, etc… so I know they’re not every person’s cup of tea… although they do question if our faith is blind or misled by human weaknesses.

I think it’s good to have doubts. But I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Little ole me… I believe that we’re all answerable to ourselves, and what goes around comes around… and I think that’s check and balance enough.

So what if Jesus was married and had a daughter named Sarah? I know lots of family men out there who are still capable of great things. So, that shouldn’t stop a son of God, should it? LOL!!!


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