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Did you ever get to know someone better, to realise that you are far from equal; and then you realise that you have a great deal to learn from them?  Over the last weekend, John and I caught up with a friend, and I was reminded of how inspiring some of our friends are to us.  Although I’m not very young, I feel that I still have a lot to learn about this world and its workings, and having these more streetwise and saavy friends as mentors are a great way to learn.

I had lunch with a colleague, Chris, today, and realised that I’m beginning to look up to him as well.   I shall add him to my list of mentors.  There is always so much happening in the corporate world… politics, performance, operational issues, getting thrown into the deep end of the pool, etc.  How we cope with our work and personal challenges affect everyone around us, especially those we work with.  If we remember to cope gently, graciously, and pay genuine attention to the needs of those around us, we make ourselves a lot easier to work with.   What amazed me about Chris, is his awareness and appreciation of his staffs’ needs and the challenges they face, despite the fact that he’s so new in taking on his leadership role.   How did he do it?  By listening and paying attention.

My bosses are also my mentors.  Joanna and Gary are the most benevolent bosses I have ever worked with.  And did you know, Benevolence is a must have attribute for any great manager?  I read that somewhere in one of those Sun Tse Art Of War management books.  Image

It’s great to have so many mentors around me.  Thank you all for inspiring me in your own ways


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