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3rd project

Red Charmed Crystal Ring

When my colleague, Wendy, first showed me the crystal dangling ring she made, I was inspired!  That was what caught my fancy, and got me interested in this, my new-found hobby!  Thanks very much Wendy, for showing me a whole new world!

Well, I couldn’t get the dangling ring out of my head, so I just couldn’t resist the temptation of challenging myself.  Yes, I know I’m only a beginner… but you can’t discourage me from trying.  This is my 2nd attempt actually.  I left the wires too long in my first attempt, so it didn’t look nice.  In this 2nd try, I cut off over 2cm of wire off each strand!  And it does look a lot better than the first one.  Image

I showed Wendy my masterpiece, and she was all praises that I figured it out so quickly.  She also suggested that the ring would look much better if I had chosen larger sized crystals.  Sigh… guess I’ll have to try again!  But it won’t be my 4th project… as I’ve started on a pearl dangling ring already!  I’ll show you guys when that’s done.  Image

So what else am I planning to make?  I have this idea of a lovely dangling bead belt, so I think I’ll try that next.


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