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Nic and I shot off to the bead shops after work, for bits and pieces towards our new projects.  I’m making another necklace, same design as the 1st one, but in a different colour; and I also bought the bits to make a couple of dangling rings.  I love those rings, so learning to make them will be a thrill.  But that’s meant to be more intemediate stuff… as I’ll need to work some wires, which I’m totally new to, so I’m not sure how it’ll turn out… but that’s not stopping me.  The worse thing that can happen, is having to take it apart, and start again… perhaps after attending a class or 2, right? haha…  Nic also bought some findings and beads for her next bracelet.  It looks very pretty in the book, but unfortunately, she couldn’t get all the stuff she needed from the 4 shops we went to.  Perhaps the couple closer to clarke quay will have what she needs, but it was 9pm so a little late for those shops.  Anyway, we had dinner with YK, and I went straight home.

John had sent me a couple of messages to say he couldn’t find the babies in the main tank when he fed the fish, so I was anxious to get home.  Checking on them was the first thing I did… and I was dismayed Image.  There were some gravel on the leaf where the littlings were, along with 2 little ones, but apart from that, I couldn’t see anymore.  Where have the rest gone?  Aggie and Archie were still working hard, keeping a close eye on that leaf, so perhaps they were waiting for the last 2 to mature before moving them somewhere else?  John and I turned off all the lights in the living and dining area to watch them… but nope, they just stayed at the corner where the eggs have been.  They were still fending off the other fish… but never went anywhere else. They can’t possibly have lost their fries despite their tight surveillance, can they?  Image

After much nagging from my fat cat, Shandy, I finally left the tank to fuss the kitties… my mind was still with the little ones… what has happened to them? Image 

I checked again this morning, but to no avail.  In fact, the last 2 wrigglers were gone too.  All that’s left on the leaf, were some tri-coloured gravel.  But Archie and Aggie were still in surveillance mode.  What does this mean?  Have they mistaken the gravel for their eggs?  That can’t be, can it?  Anyway, I’ll check again tonight… and if they look like they’ve lost interest, I’ll return Augustine to the main tank.  In my personal opinion, Augustine makes a far better father.  He did a great job with the fries he had with Aggie before, but unfortunately I left, the barbs in the tank as I didn’t realise they had spawned; and I read somewhere that the tank should be left alone after spawning, to prevent any stress to the parents. 

(*sigh*) I’m broken hearted… but life is such.  I wonder how Aggie feels about it.  I looked into her eyes to try read her emotions, but to no avail.  She’s lost 2 batches of fries in just 6 weeks… although I’m still hoping that she hasn’t lost this one… perhaps school’s out and the little ones are playing among the plants? Image 


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