Inspirations, captions, ideas and notes.

The embryos hav all sprouted tails… and the as the ‘heads’ are heavier and sticky, they’re grounded to the leaf, but their tails are waving about in the water vigorously!  Archie and Aggie have also gotten more aggressive, and even watchful of me while I photographed them!  But they are right to be concerned.  I’d be weary too if I see a big black cannon looking thing pointing at me and my family. LOL.What’s also amazing is they’ve also changed their routine to suit the little ones!  Feeding time, and at first glance I thought they were just stuffing their faces… and forgetting the Academy… boy was I wrong!  Aggie and Archie took turns to gather food in their mouths, and brought them back for their babies!  I’ve recorded a short clip to show this:

COOL stuff!!!  I’m still hoping and praying that these littlings will survive.  The tank conditions are perfect, with the right pH and kH; fresh plants, minus the predators… I think it’ll work this time!


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